• Pipe supports should be located as near as possible to concentrated weights such as valves,flanges etc. From a stress point of view, the best possible location for support is directly on the equipment.
pipe support on rack
  • When changes of direction in a horizontal plane occur between the pipe and associated supports, it is suggested that the spacing be limited to three fourths of the standard span to promote stability and reduce eccentric loadings. It is preferred that the support be located near elbows to reduce moments due to directional changes between supports. Note that supports located directly on piping elbows are not recommended since any attachment will stiffen the elbow.
  • The standard span does not apply to vertical runs of pipe since no moment will develop owing due to gravity loads in a riser. The pipe guides are usually placed in span intervals of twice the nominal horizontal span. It is recommended that a support be located on the upper half of a riser, to prevent buckling due to compressive forces in the pipe and to prevent instability resulting in overturning of the pipe under its own weight.
  • Support locations should be selected near existing building steel to maximize ease of design and construction and to minimize the supplemental structural steel materials.