Selecting the correct pipe support span is an important aspect of piping design. The maximum pipe support spacing is dependent on the maximum allowable deflection or sag in the piping and the maximum permissible longitudinal stress on account of the span. You can use the online calculator below to calculate the pipe support span based on maximum allowable stress or maximum permissible deflection.

Pipe Support Span for Steel Piping

Input the values below to calculate the pipe support span. Fields with * cannot be left blank.

For complete background information on the derivation of the formulas refer to the article: Allowable Pipe Support Span Calculation.

* Input Pipe Outside Diameter (mm)

* Input Wall Thickness (mm)

* Input Allowable Stress (psi) Use 5000 psi for CS pipes up to 400°F

* Input Modulus of Elasticity (ksi) Use 27700 ksi for CS pipes up to 400°F

Input applicable Fluid Density (kg/m3) Use 1000 kg/m3 for water

Input applicable Insulation Density (kg/m3) Use 150 kg/m3 for Rockwool

Input applicable Insulation Thickness (mm)

Input Miscellaneous Loads if applicable (kg/m)

* Input maximum permissible deflection (mm) of 6.35mm