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Design of Y Strainer

I need to design Y Strainer for 10,000 psi for 2 1/16'' pipe, how to…
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Posted 1 year agoby JITENDRA CHAUDHARI

How does a inverted bucket trap work?

An inverted bucket trap operates based on the difference in density between steam and water.…
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Posted 3 years agoby admin

Why should a steam trap be capable of venting air?

At start-up all steam piping, tracer lines or steam spaces contain air. This air must…
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Posted 3 years agoby admin

What is mesh of a Strainer?

Stainers are manufactured using either perforated screen or mesh screen. Perforated screen are manufactured by…
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Posted 3 years agoby admin

What is the main function of the steam trap?

Condensate accumulated in the steam lines can get pushed by high velocity steam resulting in …
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Posted 3 years agoby admin

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