This chart shows the pressure-temperature ratings for flanges of Group 2.2 Materials from class 150 to class 2500. Hover on the nodes to see the values of pressure in bar at specific temperature.

Group 2.2 includes the following materials:

  • Forgings: A 182 Gr. F316, A 182 Gr. F316H, A 182 Gr. F317
  • Castings: A 351 Gr. CF3M, A 351 Gr. CF8M, A 351 Gr. CG8M
  • Plates: A 240 Gr. 316, A 240 Gr. 316H, A 240 Gr. 317

Austenitic stainless steel Grade 316 can be used at temperatures over 538°C only when carbon content is 0.04% or higher.

Allowable Working Pressure for Intermediate Temperatures

Interpolate the pressure for any rating by selecting pressure rating for group 2.2 material and entering value of temperature into the input box below.

Castings A 351 Gr. CF3M shall not be used over 455°C.

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Working Pressure in bar:
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The chart provided here is for guidance to illustrate how the working pressure and temperature vary for flanges in different class ratings for group 2.2 materials. This information shall not be used for design. Use the current version of ASME B16.5 code for actual design of the piping system.