A “Test Blind Log/Spading  List” is required to be developed during the Construction and Commissioning Phase to catalogue the test blinds and spades or spectacle blinds that have been installed, as well as provide authorised assurance that the test blinds have been removed upon completion of the proposed leak test.

The Spading List is the responsibility of the Construction Team. Subsequently it is handed over to the Commissioning Team and eventually to the Owner.

Attached below is a template of the Test Blind Log/Spading List which can be adapted to suit the project specific requirements. The purpose of this template is to identify the spades location and purpose of its installation and removal at all times. Each spade or blind or spectacle blind is identified by a unique number for each usage.  If a spade is removed from one place to another, a new number is allocated to it. A set of PID is used to record all spade locations with their identification numbers during Construction and Commissioning activities.

At the end of the Construction Phase or at a mutually agreed date between the Construction and the Commissioning Team, a full set of “Spading PID’s” and the Spading List is passed to the Commissioning Team who will be responsible of all activities related to spading. Formal notice of this hand-over is given to the Owner.

Further, at the end of the Commissioning activities or at a mutually agreed date between Commissioning Team and Owner, a full set of Spading PID’s showing the remaining spades in place are handed over to Owner along with the Spading List.  Subsequent to this hand-over the Owner is responsible for all activities related to spading. Formal notice of this hand-over is given to Owner.

Item Number Size Rating Location Installed for Purpose IN Date installed Purpose Out Removed for Date of removal Comments

Download PDF version of Spading List Template here: Generic Spading List Template